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Gutter Services for Residential Homes in the Lower Mainland

The Home Pros can offer to repair, maintain and replace as required all areas of Aluminum and built-in membrane (rubber E.P.D.M.) gutters for your Greater Vancouver home.

Since the 1970s The Home Pros team have proven to be an industry leader for solving gutter system leak issues and providing quality certified maintenance and cleaning for gutter systems of all forms for all residential homes and commercial structures.

The Home Pros Aluminum Gutter Systems Services

The Home Pros specialize in caring for and performing all facets of aluminum gutter systems, including:

  • Cleaning inside and outside
  • Replacement of failed strainers and caulking
  • Re-leveling and refastening
  • Supply and installation of gutter guard system to prevent leaves and debris from entering into the gutter system
  • Clearing downpipes
  • Supplying and installing roof guard channeling to divert water from upper gutter systems across the roof to the lower gutter system
  • Installation of leaf separators in downpipes to better prevent debris from entering into the rainleader or foundation drainage system below ground
  • Clearing foundation drainage downpipe entry areas
  • Upgrading gutter systems for better water flow for the landscape environment around home
  • Before and after pictures of your gutter system
  • Hand cleaning gutter to better prevent equipment related damage and/or mess
  • Identifying deficiencies and picture reporting
  • Water testing to identify water flow to downpipes and grades

The Home Pros also offers, for both your insurance needs and your convenience, picture reporting for your job showing current conditions as well as after pictures showing that the job has been preformed and or to code standards so you don’t have to climb on the roof and look for yourself.

Avoid Water Damage with Properly Maintained Gutters

If you live in the B.C. Lower Mainland, you already know that rain helps our trees and flowers grow so beautifully, but most unfortunately it also works as a major contributing factor in the breakdown of caulking mastics and/or glues used in the installations of most common Aluminum Gutters and/or E.P.D.M. rubber membrane Built-in gutter systems.

Water Ingress & Gutter Systems Damage

  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Water ingress transition to or through to the interior wall of the home potentially causing wood rot, mildew, mold, etc.
  • Water ingress transition to or through to the roof system
  • Foundation leakage through to the basement

These are just a few of the most unfortunate examples of water ingress or leakage from gutter systems that are called in by homeowners to The Home Pros on a too familiar basis.

Repairing and Maintaining Homes in the Lower Mainland for 30 Years

The Home Pros is a proud contributor in the 12 Lower Mainland communities that it serves, from West Vancouver to the Tri-Cities, and from Vancouver to White Rock. Our business experience in British Columbia spans over 30 years. Our growth in the industry has not been fast; rather, we developed over time, primarily through the generosity and kindness of repeat customers and their willingness to recommend and refer us over and over again.

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