Chimney Cleaning & Leak Repairs Vancouver

Understanding How Your Chimney Works

Chimney Sweeping, Repairs & Maintenance

The Home Pros can offer to repair, maintain and rebuild as required all areas of the fireplace or gas chimney in your home. Since the 1970s our team has proven to be an industry leader for solving chimney issues and providing quality certified maintenance for residential fireplace and gas appliance chimneys.

Our Chimney Sweeping, Maintenance & Repair Services

  • Sweeping
  • Moisture meter reading and tracing
  • Repairing
  • Rebuilding for all Chimney Types including, brick, metal, cultured stone, wood chased and metal A-vent
  • Wood & Gas, Appliances
  • Grouting & Pointing
  • Weather Proofing
  • Flue Covers
  • Liners
  • Flashings
  • Chimney Flue De-creosoting and De- glazing
  • Smoking issues
  • Wildlife Prevention
  • Level 1-2 & 3 W.E.T.T. Fire Insurance Inspections
  • We also provide photo reports and much more

Look No Further!

The Home Pros are W.E.T.T. (Wood Energy Trained Technician) Certified professionals and are a A+ accredited member of the Better Business Bureau. Weve been in business for 30+ years and a 3rd generation B.C. family business. We are also:

  • Licensed in 12 municipalities
  • Insured with $5,000,000 liability
  • WCB compliant. All staff are fall safety certified and level 1 minimum First Aid thus offering various trade ticketed or certified level professionals to perform and/or oversee that your job is done to code standards showing professional qualities on site at your home at all times.

Stop Water From Damaging Your Chimney

If you live in the B.C. Lower Mainland, you already know that rain helps our trees and flowers grow so beautifully. Unfortunately it also contributes to the breakdown of masonry, brick, stucco and wood chased and metal chimneys.

Water Ingress & Chimney Failure

  • Water in my chimney
  • Rusting and/or leaking flashings
  • Wood rot and/or mildew/mold in the transition walls from the chimney through and into the house structure
  • Smoking and/or back-drafting and/or smoke flue transfer
  • Masonry deterioration
  • Firebrick cracking and/or separation

These are just to a few of the common deficiencies found from rain on or in the chimney. Most of which lead to chimney non-compliances, fire safety as well as household environment concerns.

The Home Pros are specialized in caring for and performing all facets of chimney repairs and maintenance as well as providing solid water ingress solutions and can offer to provide all installations for your homes requirements. In addition The Home Pros can also sign off on its W.E.T.T. work for your fire insurance providers needs.

The Home Pros also offers, for both your insurance needs and your convenience, picture reporting for your job showing current conditions as well as after pictures showing that the job has been preformed and/or to code standards so you don’t have to climb on the roof and look for yourself.

The Home Pros offer risk free work ethics for you which include: a detailed work order for work required, quality code compliant workmanship, a warranty for every job, no money required at start, Visa, MasterCard. American Express or cheque upon completion.

Did You Know?

Last year over 10,000 homes burned as a result of improperly maintained chimneys!

Before making a fire in your wood-burning or gas fireplace, make an appointment with a WETT certified professional to have your chimney inspected. Yes, we are WETT certified professionals in Vancouver!

Repairing and Maintaining Homes in the Lower Mainland for 30 Years

The Home Pros is a proud contributor in the 12 Lower Mainland communities that it serves, from West Vancouver to the Tri-Cities, and from Vancouver to White Rock. Our business experience in British Columbia spans over 30 years. Our growth in the industry has not been fast; rather, we developed over time, primarily through the generosity and kindness of repeat customers and their willingness to recommend and refer us over and over again.

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