Frequently Asked Questions About Gutters

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What exactly is the function of my gutter system?

Your gutter system performs the following important functions:

  1. Diverts roof water from the roof system.
  2. Helps prevent wood rot on the truss ends by removing roof water from the roof edge.
  3. Helps prevent structural rot by preventing roof water from dripping down the sides of the house and windows.
  4. Helps prevent potentially dangerous icicles from forming at the roof edge.
  5. Helps prevent water and ice from gathering on sidewalks around the home in the winter.
  6. Helps prevent flooding of your basement, under-mining of your foundation, and settling of walkways and landscape around your home by diverting your roof water away from the home’s foundation.
How often should my gutters be cleaned?

The fasteners and seams on your gutter system should be inspected and serviced annually. At the same time, cleaning your gutters will help prevent leakage problems.

Ask us about our “never clean your gutter again” system.

Can full gutters cause damage?

The biggest initial cause of wood rot in most homes is water leakage.

For a standard 5-in. gutter full of water, the weight force per foot is approximately 10 pounds. Over an average gutter length of 20 feet, the weight force could therefore be as much as 200 lb. The fact that most gutters are held in place by a few nails, is therefor a common concern.

Now if your gutter is also holding solid debris, the weight of 200 lb. can easily double or triple. A 5-in. gutter is not designed to hold a 180-lb. man, never mind 200-600 lb. of water and debris.

How can I prevent my gutter system from plugging up?
Install a Gutter Guard leaf deterrent system. The design and installation of Gutter Guard leaf deterrents prevents both heavy debris build-up and water absorption on the roof edge, thus reducing water hazards and costly maintenance.
Why are my gutters leaking?

There are a number of reasons why your gutter system may be leaking. One very common cause of leakage is improper installation. This includes the use of inferior materials for joints and seams, an improper grade, and lack of sufficient drainage.

Before making any assumptions or repair attempts, we recommend that you have a qualified professional identify the exact cause of the problem. Correct identification ensures that the correct repairs will be done.

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